Become QAA Member

For Institutions

International Quality Review (IQR) enables your institution to demonstrate that your quality assurance systems meet international standards. A successful review results in accreditation by QAA International, providing trust and confidence for your students and international partners. IQR provides opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate effective quality assurance measured against international benchmarks
  • Strengthen your global positioning
  • Drive improvement and excellence
  • Develop partnerships with EU/UK institutions

For Individuals

Whether you’re just starting out, building your career, or working at the highest level, there’s a route to membership suiting you to demonstrate your level of knowledge and experience.

What can membership do for you?

  • Professional credibility and recognition for your skills and abilities.
  • The support and shared experience of almost 120,000 people professionals in the worldwide QAA community.
  • Boost your career prospects and earning potential.

For Non-Academic Centres

QAA International Centre Recognition

Centre Recognition

  • 1. Please fill in the Centre Recognition (CR) form.
  • 2. Please submit Business Registration, Certificate of Incorporation and Education License (if applicable).
  • 3. There is a one-off GBP£ 2,100.0 payment for centre recognition.

Remarks: This process takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on the completeness of the documents required.


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After being a QAA International Recognition Centre, Endorsement of Programme can be applied.


  • 1. Please fill in the Endorsement Registration (ER) Form.
  • 2. Please submit the documents mentioned in the ER Form.
  • 3. Depends on the level of the programme, there will be a one-off payment for the endorsement:
  • 4. The fee of each certificate (starting from GBP £50.0) is depended on the endorsed level you apply for.

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